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IPL PhotoFacial and Laser Vein Treatments


Q: How will I look and feel after the treatment?
A: You won’t look much different immediately after the procedure, but over the next 24 hours your skin will probably become somewhat pink and a bit swollen, similar to sunburn. The skin may also feel sensitive: these side effects are normal and expected, and will subside after about 48 hours. Most patients are delighted with the outcome, even after just one treatment. Typically skin is younger and healthier looking.

Q: Does it Hurt?
A: There may be some discomfort. No anesthetic is necessary. Most patients rate it at a 5 on a scale of 10. Taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen prior to the treatment may be helpful.

Q: Is there any Post-Treatment necessary?
A: A good sun block is required daily while in treatment and for 6 weeks after treatment.

Q: Is there any Pre-Treatment necessary?
A: For darker skin types, pre treatment with a skin lightening agent might be necessary for 1-2 weeks to decrease the melanin production.

Q: What does IPL Photorejuvenation Treat?
A: Broken capillaries, sun damage, hyper/ hypopigmentation and Rosacea.

Q: What is IPL?
A: Intense Pulsed Light; is a broad spectrum light that evens out the skin color and treats vascular or pigmented imperfections.

For Skin Laser Treatment in Houston TX, look no further than Vintage Wellness. We offer an array of laser treatment options to treat a range of skin conditions. These laser treatments effectively relieve your symptoms and renewing your self-confidence.

Are you seeing spots?  Beautiful skin made simple.  High-energy lasers can safely and effectively remove many unwanted brown and red spots on your skin, including liver spots, age, sun sports, broken capillaries, birthmarks, and angiomas (red spots). Once the lasers do their job, you can have a more even skin tone. Our lasers safely and comfortably treat rosacea, spider veins, skin imperfections caused by sun damage, plus age spots and uneven skin tones created by brown and red spots. All of these conditions, which can make the skin look older and less healthy, are no match for this treatment.

We provided the latest generation in light-based technology that erases skin damage without disruption of the skin’s surface, hence, no “downtime”. An in depth consultation with our staff will determine the proper treatment for your specific needs. You will notice a smoother, firmer, clearer look to your skin after our skin rejuvenation program.

IPL FotoFacial is a non-surgical, no downtime skin rejuvenation procedure.  IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, is an exciting procedure that can diminish the appearance of: age spots, uneven skin tone, facial flushing, or redness, Rosacea, broken capillaries, and damage caused by sun overexposure.  IPL reduces these discolorations and makes the skin tone more even and bright.  IPL is not only great for the face but also on all areas of the body.

Treatment times take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size, color, and depth of the area to be treated.  Red spots can usually be treated in one or two visits. Brown spots may require two to three visits. Broken capillaries or re-colored scars may need multiple treatments.

Lasers are only effective on certain typres of spots - primarily marks that have a discrete boundary. If your skin tone is uneven, or if you are bothered by general discoloration, you may be a good candidate for treatment using Vintage Wellness' private label skincare line. We can discuss with you regarding this and your different treatment options at your complimentary visit.

Suggested Treatment Interval:
  • Up to 5 sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart
  • Maintenance treatments can be performed as needed.
Side effects of an IPL FotoFacial include temporary redness or swelling. There is no recovery time and the redness will fade over time and can be easily covered up.

Laser Vein Treatment

No more painful injections! Safe, effective and gentle laser removal of blue or red veins, including spider veins, broken capillaries and telangectasias, on the face and body that are 1 to 3 millimeters in diameter on all skin tones. The laser produces a highly concentrated beam of light that is attracted by the hemoglobin in the blood vessel. The vessel absorbs the light and is destroyed, but does not rupture or lead to extensive bruising as with older lasers. Because of our laser's deeper wavelength, the light is not absorbed by the skin, but goes directly to the vessel, allowing safe treatment for all skin types without burns or blisters. The laser effectively disperses the vessel, improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Often, patients find that one or two treatments are sufficient. However, the number of treatments necessary depends on the number, color and size of the vessels being treated. Since individual results vary, ask us about your specific condition.

Suggested Treatment Interval:

6-8 weeks apart: Up to 3-4 treatments may be necessary  depending on the severity and color of the veins, however, improvement may  be seen after 1-2 treatments.  Results vary per person.

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